Light Cure Orthodontic Bracket Adhesive



All-Purpose Adhesive:  Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive can be used on metal, porcelain, and plastic brackets. When bonding these appliances, you must first etch the enamel surface.

Light Activated: No working time constraints.

No Wasteful Mixing: Single paste system.

Optimal Performance: Tacky viscosity that eliminates bracket flotation. Resin technology provides great bonding strength. Sealant provides a great seal and protection of the etched enamel. One-piece removal.


309-0001 Light Cure Bracket Adhesive – 1 Syringe Kit (w/Sealant and etch)
309-0002  Light Cure Bracket Adhesive – 2 Syringe Kit (w/Sealant and etch)



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