Beta Titanium Wires

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  • Beta Titanium Arch wires provide memory properties similar to nickel titanium while providing high-forces and low deflections similar to stainless steel.
  • Our Beta titanium arch wires provide force levels that are 42% less than those of equivalent stainless steel arch wires.
  • It is a great nickel-free alternative with a variety of application possibilities.
  • It can be used at any stage of treatment, but it is especially effective where moderate forces are necessary for early torque control and final detailing.



  • Safe for nickel-allergy patients.
  • Moderate springback and flexibility.
  • Moderate stiffness.
  • Excellent formability.
  • Better bend performance than stainless steel.
  • Gentle force delivery with larger archwire sizes.
  • Fill bracket slots earlier and correct torque.

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